To partner with community-based organizations to advance and affect meaningful improvements in educational quality, promote healthier lifestyles, and foster enriched opportunities for 21st Century careers for under-served populations. 

Raphael Nevins serves as the project development director and grants management officer for Healthy Futures. His 30 years’ experience in both the business and non profit worlds encompasses collaborations with Native American tribal organizations, innovative educational providers and progressive charter schools, as well as community organizations serving homeless and underserved populations. Mr. Nevins was the founder of the Raven Research Group, assisting the SBA to help minority enterprises become more sustainable. He served as a vice president of Prudential Bache; he was instrumental in helping Price Club prepare for a public offering and raised venture capital for COSTCO. Mr. Nevins received his bachelor’s degree in Labor Relations from Cornell University and his MBA in Finance and Management from NYU Graduate Business School.

Lorna Samraj serves as communications director and outreach manager for Healthy Futures. She is the founder and president of Andele Tutors, where she managed a team of twenty tutors, providing educational support and mentoring for over 500 families sin Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Ms. Samraj previously served as director of admissions for Canadian University College. She holds master’s degree in English from University of Pune.

Mr. Amalio Madueño serves as a business consultant for Healthy Futures in assisting clients in both the ArtSmart program in Taos, and helping to guide underserved families in preparation for meaningful careers. Mr. Madueño has extensive professional experience in community development and business training. In his capacity at Community Development Consulting Association (CDCA), he provides business and technical assistance services to Native American tribes, non-profit organizations, as well as Los Alamos National Laboratory. His expertise includes feasibility analysis, finance, fund raising and strategic planning. He received a BA from University of San Diego, and an MFA from University of California Irvine.

Ms. Rose Marie Reza serves as a business consultant in both our Healthy Futures ArtSmart program, as well as our statewide efforts to assist underserved families in preparation for promising jobs. She has been the business development manager for the Taos Entrepreneurial Network, and co-director of TaosWorks. Ms. Reza was a marketing executive at Famosa North America, directing the company's marketing and brand strategy over seven years. Ms. Reza was a VP of Walmart (South Florida), where she was responsible for 154 Walmart stores with total sales of $5.5 billion, and a workforce of 22,000 associates. Rose received her BS in business administration from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico.

Ms. Erica Bureau serves as a communications and marketing consultant for Healthy Futures. Ms. Bureau provides our clients with skill training and guidance on how best to use social media create video messages, and write press releases to advance their business brand awareness and improve their sales messaging strategies. As founder and principal of Erica Bureau Communications and Branding Consultants, she consults with artists, fashion designers, retail, restaurant and educational clients to help them convey their print and digital messages. Prior to founding Erica Bureau Communications and Branding Consultants, Ms. Bureau served as Director of Public Relations for Academy of Art University (AAU), where she was in charge of print and social media publications and digital press releases for the 30,000 student art and design university. Erica began her marketing, management and public relations career, as assistant to the president of Bumble and Bumble (NYC). She received her BS in fashion design and human ecology from Cornell University.

Mr. Fergus Whitney is a horticultural consultant for Healthy Futures Specialty Crops program funded by NMSU Department of Agriculture to assist Native American farmers in rural communities on the Navajo Reservation. Fergus is The Agricultural Manager for Village of Los Ranchos. Previously Mr. Whitney was the farm manager for Los Poblanos, NM. He received his horticultural degree and practical farming expertise in Galway, Ireland.

Healthy Futures Inc is a New Mexico 501(c)(3) non profit corporation that was incorporated in 2012.

Raphael Nevins, Project Director
Email: healthyfuturesinc@gmail.com