1. Native American Agricultural Empowerment Program (01/2020 - 06/2021)
Grants from the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) to Healthy Futures serve to  assist Native American farmers in the Dine checkerboard areas of New Mexico to become more productive and successful, as well as help to empower their families to achieve healthier lifestyles, through innovative education and community training programs. NAAF is the largest philanthropic organization devoted solely to serving the Native American farming and ranching community.

Ben Farms
Dine Introspective Life
Hasbidito Farmers Market
Northwest New Mexico First Born
Ojo-Encino Chapter House
Torreon Chapter House

2. Empowering Formerly Homeless Persons Program 2019/2020
Collaborating with SAFE House and CLN Kids to build parenting skills, and provide meaningful farm related and technical job training.

A subsequent grant from New Mexico Gas currently permits Healthy Futures to continue collaboration with staff at SAFE House and with CLNKids to offer parenting skills, provide job coaching, employment guidance and mentoring to parents eligible for free day care for their pre-k children. This collaborative partnership has began by meeting with under served parents and guardians, as they learn to transition from unemployment to part- or full-time employment. Our objectives are to increase resiliency and self-sufficiency, and improve job skills and parental self-esteem. Healthy Futures has developed other collaborations with human resource departments of the City of Albuquerque/Parks and Recreation, UNM Hospital, as well as UNM, facilitating job interviews so that program participants may secure employment. Additionally, coupled with this innovative Healthy Futures effort, and in concert with Andele Tutors we encourage and empower under served parents to become "academic champions" to prepare their children for kindergarten and long term student success. 

Andele Tutors
City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation
RivenRock Staffing
SAFE House
UNM Hospital 
University of New Mexico

3. Con Alma Foundation 2020 COVID-19 Relief RWJF Grant (July-December 2020)
Working with the leaders of the Shiprock community and officials of the chapter house, Healthy Futures provides educational support, agricultural technical assistance, materials and starter seeds to families and farmers in this rural Native American food desert under extreme hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. USDA RBDG (2020-2021) 
The establishment and expansion of Native American rural business management and technical assistance efforts in and around the Pueblo of Isleta in Valencia County, NM.

5. New Mexico Farmers Market Association (July-December 2020)
Funds from this  grant was used for seeds, supplies, experienced horticultural staff and local farmers who manage the Hasbidito Mobile Farmers market, as well as empower and enhance the skill set of Hasbidito farm members and their families by supporting them with seeds, supplies, and experienced horticultural staff.