• Native American Agricultural Empowerment Program (01/2020 - 06/2021)
  • Empowering Formerly Homeless Persons Program 2019/2020
  • Con Alma Foundation 2020 COVID-19 Relief RWJF Grant (July-December 2020)
  • USDA RBDG (2020-2021) 
  • New Mexico Farmers Market Association (July-December 2020)
  • Specialty Crops Block Grant - NMSU (10/2017-09/2020)
  • ArtSmart 1&2 - Rural Business Development Program October 2018 - December 2019

Creating Resilient Farmers
Rural Business Development Grant Program / 2017–18
Healthy Futures provided important and valued guidance, and assistance to rural New Mexico Native Americans and tribal leaders, to use better business and management skills and principles to finance, sustain and enhance the profitability of existing and new enterprises, In the case of new and emerging Native American ranchers, the Healthy Futures team provided support to demonstrate how to take the required steps to become Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), use Cog-Pro, a farm business digital notebook to meet and comply with USDA organic record keeping requirements for certification, and be better able use the USDA organic label after taking the required necessary steps.

Rural Business Development Grant Program / 2016-17
Through the USDA RBDG training program, Healthy Futures will provide important and valued technical assistance to rural New Mexico Native American ranchers, farmers and tribal leaders, to enhance and better their business management skills and principles in order to sustain and grow their enterprises, as well as to take the required steps to become certified organic ranchers, growers and /or producers, and be positioned to use the USDA organic label after taking the required steps.

Reading Camp - Anthony, New Mexico / Summer 2016
The New Mexico Children’s Foundation sponsored Summer Reading Camp focuses on assisting under-served elementary school populations in the Gadsden school district to be better readers and achieve higher levels of language arts competencies. All sessions including the orientation meeting for families to learn about the benefits of the program, and to enroll their children in the program were held in the community room of the Anthony Public Library which provided a safe and welcoming space for the tutoring sessions, as well provided a great resource for the delivery of the Summer Reading Camp program.

Healthy Futures provided snacks at each session, reference and reading books, supplies for related learning activities, and tutor stipends. HFI staff provided the design and training of program staff and interacted with tutors throughout the duration of the program to ensure quality services.

Students were grouped by grade level into learning clusters; meeting regularly three times per week—Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. HFI monitored these tutoring sessions, and delivered more than two hundred hours of tutor/student interactions during the summer program. HFI helped children build critical academic skills and gain greater appreciation for reading, oral comprehension and writing for elementary and middle school students




Small Business Solar Oven Technical Assistance Program - Anthony, Cuba, Sunland Park / 2014-16
Healthy Futures has a history of successfully supporting and assisting rural New Mexico farmers to become more productive and develop new ways to sustain and grow their enterprises. Over the past three years, through USDA grant funding, we have worked with Native American tribal entities to consider organic certification and find new ways to market their crops by creating cooperatives and other community-based enterprises. This program provided support for the development of small and emerging enterprises in rural areas in New Mexico by constructing eco-friendly solar ovens. Grant funds were provided by USDA, and non-federal matching contributions were provided by Andele Tutors.